Sunday, July 5, 2009

my 19 yr.old sister jailed

yesterday was a disappointing day for me.
lets take this back to the beginning.

My sister is like my daughter i raised her and she is a great kid, very smart,creative, and stlyish.

I did everything that i could possible so she would never have to struggle. I tried to give her a stable home. a good fondation to live on and some morals. And at first she was no problem very quite,shy, and sensetitve little girl she was my snoop my partner in everything.As she got older her decisions were the wrong ones. she started getting in trouble with school and breaking the law. I always tried to talked to her show her that these things have a bad out come. I wanted her to be great at what ever she choose to do in life. learn from the people around you dont end up down that road. the present day my husband received a call from a datective saying that she need to be bailed out of jail. he called me and told me a wave of emotions came over me first thing i wanted to do was bail her out. I couldnt beleive it. and then it hit me jail maybe this is what will change her. tough love i dont know who it is tougher on me or her i love her to death and would never want to see anything happen to her. One thing is i always bailed her out of trouble. And this time i didnt.

this is so hard to deal with If any one has been in this situation before would love to hear from you.

i have to fill you guys in I had to do one of the hardest thing a parent had to do i had to kick her out of my home because of the decisions that she was making. she was sneaking people into my home while we were sleeping. keep in mind that this house has 4 little children in it ranging from 5 to 1 yrs. her neices and nephew. she was sneaking out living our doors open having sexual incounters with strangers while her niece is sleeping in the other room that usualy sleeps with her. not going to school not helping around the house. while me and husband both work full time jobs. some of the things were crazy smoking weed and drinking. with what money no clue bad chose in friends. someone is old enough to buy them liquor. And my husband couldn't take it once he caught her having sex with some boy in our home with the back door unlocked to the house. in the middle of the night with all these things going on not one time did she have remorse or a care about anything. so she had to leave a home that took care of her. All i asked from her was to clean up her bathroom, room , her hallway, and wash the dishes and the most important go to school everything else we will take care of it. we payed her for house work that she did we were preparing for her to go to college this sept. cutting back to afford the college accesories that she would need. Did we asked for to much or not enough? we barely ever went out and if we did the kids would be sleeping. sorry have to cut this is way to long will go to court on monday to see what now.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your sister.
    Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. You have a lovely blog.