Monday, June 29, 2009

celebrity gossip

Was jayz the reason chris brown didn't perform last night?
of course not after this incident the execs have a very good reason to let this young man not perform.
once you plead guilty to a crime like that you are what GUILTY.
chrissy poo you will defiantly lose some indorsments and so respect.
He is crazy to think that everyone would think that it was ok to do this to your woman.
No son and someone should sit him down and have a long talk to him.
Someone should talk to her about the situation.
I believe noone knows what really want down in that car we don't.
so keep that in mind that these are to very young people mixed in a very high stressed career. tring to be normal as possible. the truth is that god sees all things. not humans

funnys for the day

BET awards 09

first who watched it?
I didnt catch all of it but i heard mixed reviews.
jamie fox hosted so it at least was funny.
the many tributes to MJ were of course the main part of the show.
who had the best performance?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

est in peace mj
uld wake up everyday as if it was the last.spend time witrh your peoples because oneday you will wake up and they will be gone enjoy today everyone and r
God morning everyone took the day off from carsales to goto the hall and fellowship with the man upstairs and spend time with the family too everyone sho

Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson


the late mike great artist with a trouble background.
people forget we help create the person that he had become. in this i mean that we made it seem as if he wasnt even human. this man/child had noone to talk to had no one to relate to because of media and fans. this was a lonely man/child when in all honestly he just wanted to enjoy life and in all its aspects. he had children because he probably relized that adults have other motives. so have a person to hang out with it had to be his own children. His kids have to be devistated they have lost a best friend. the one and only person that they could trust. everyone wishes that mike was there father just imagine all the cool things these kids got to do.reality is that now those days are over for them they will be taken out of what they thought was normal and relize that there father was dipecated to be non human. what will happen to the kids in the next couple of years.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

funnys for the day

this cartoon is very funny in its own little way.
read it and give me your comments.
So my wedding aniversary is coming up on the 29 and I have no clue what I should get for my husband

funny for the day

this cartoon is funny read and give me your comment
My kids always have to use the bathroom when they come visit me. I don't mind them using this one
mens bathroom always smells good and is always clean my kids
I work in quincy and I work with nothing but guys. Boy it can be abit anoyying. There is one good thing about it is I don't share the bathroom. So the wo
Today was a crazy day my car I just bought. Someone just smashed into it so now I have to put it into the shop and back into a rental

farrah fawcett

died today what a shame she died so young. what she died from anal cancer which all kinds of things came to mind.
sorry guys im sure im not the only one that has been thinking.
it is a horrible, painful, and far beyond our thoughts on this matter. my heart goes out to her crazy son and partner.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

quirk mitsubishi/mazda go to girl for the cash for clunkers

ask me about this new win win situation

ask me about how you can now afford a new car

queston of the day

If you could do something sexy for your mate what would it be?

nuclear north korea

Americans are we scared?
they have already kicked our butts in the past do not forget these are the same asians that go to school all year round train to be the best are super smart the most healthiest people and very well coordinated. round two veitnam war II
we can not let this happen again they well do ten times worse damage this time around it will make it to the states.

perez hilton fights will i am

what in the helibit happened on this night?
who hit perez hilton?
did he get hit?
did will i am just calmly speak to hilton?
what do you think!
I think everyone is stretching the truth in this senerio

iran protesters

What in the world do these people think. have mercy on the human race we can not govern ourselves. look at what this country is doing to there protesters. what is even more redicalous about it is every country does these things just they dont get exposed like iran does. every country has a group of people that they are rude too.So not one of them can say anything a famous quote "in order to change the world you must change yourself" maybe some should tell this to the UN because they seem to think that they can change eveyone esle except themselves. go figure

jon and kate

What is going on about these two. how can you be married for ten years been through invetro have 8 kids. then call it quits is it money is it media is it emotions is it i dont even know. something has got to give maybe they should cut the cameras off and focus on their family for awhile. obviously the cameras have gotten in the way. But we do have to keep in mind that they are human too and they may have other things in mind now that they have money. money is not the root to evil it is the people who have it. thats way if you are in a relationship with someone and they are controlling dont think that money want just make it worse people who are stressed well just find something esle to be stressed about, people who are miserable will defiantly still be miserable.